Mar 2010

Sarah's birth

I had my first birth as the primary doula! It was very exciting. Sarah was the mom and first I have to say she was amazing. She was having consistent labor at 5 pm Monday night with her contractions 5 minutes apart, by 1 am they got to 3 minutes apart, so her and her husband (Keith) decided to go to the hospital. They then called me and asked me to meet them there.
When I got to the hospital, Sarah was in very good spirits, she had to stop for her contractions, but other then that everything was normal. Well, she was tired. Sarah was worried about not getting any sleep and having enough energy for the labor. When she checked in the nursed checked her progress and she was 2 1/2 centimeters! Wow, I couldn’t believe she wasn’t more dilated. Aren’t many women dilated to 3 before even feeling the labor rushes? However, Sarah didn’t seem to get discouraged. The nurse did discover that she was leaking fluid and had been for most of the day, so we were staying till the baby was born. Keith and I went right to work keeping Sarah busy, moving, drinking and going to the bathroom.

In the early morning, Sarah’s doctor came to visit and she did a vaginal check. During this check, she discovered Sarah was now 4 centimeters and firm. “What, oh no!!?” was my initial thought, but I continued with the encouragement and we kept her moving once again. We tried the birthing ball, laying down, hands and knees, squats and walking the halls. So the doctor came back in about 11:15 later that morning (Tuesday). At this time, there was no change in dilation, so Sarah was put on a pitocin drip. From then on, her contractions stayed in the same rhythm, but worked better for her body.

A few hours later Sarah was in transition and before we knew it, she was 9 3/4 centimeters. She stayed that way for about 2 hours! But still, she seemed like she was slightly uncomfortable and kept up the changing positions, drinking her water, eating her popsicles. Keith and I were amazed with how hard she worked without 1 complaint the entire time. Baby Gavin was finally born at 6:32 Tuesday night, he was 8 lbs, 6 oz.
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