Christina's birth

It is amazing how God has really been showing me that being a doula is what I should be doing. It is so neat how it has been working out. When I first started, I thought it was going to be so difficult being on call and I was afraid I would have to miss major events with my children. I was also so unsure of myself, if I could do it or not. My confidence has grown so much since that first birth and I just keep attending these perfect births with perfect timing.

When Christina first called me she told me about why she wanted a natural birth, not at the hospital, but with a midwife. She talked about how birth used to be before laboring women were brought into the hospital and that being pregnant and giving birth is not a medical condition. Everything she talked about was everything I am so passionate about. I was so excited to meet her and hear about what kind of a birth she wanted. She was set on a natural birth but understood that complications do happen. Christina seemed to be very proactive in her care from the beginning of her pregnancy and she had so much confidence in trusting her body and the process. Then, on the other hand there was that uncertainty that she had never done it and didn’t know quite what to expect. You can read all you want, but you just don’t know until you go through it yourself.

Christina told me that her mother was going to be the only one there to attend the birth and help with her baby boy. But, since Christina was adopted, her mom didn’t know quite what to do for her when she was in labor. Christina put it, “It’s like the blind leading the blind.” So, she followed her midwife, BJ’s advice and hired a doula. I was very excited about this birth. I just knew it would go well, just by her attitude and determination. So, when I got the call Saturday morning at 5:30 am the day we were planing to take the kids to the Wild Animal Park, I was excited, but still a little disappointed that I was going to miss the kids seeing the animals.

Christina told me she had been having “Period like cramps” that were 5 minutes apart for an hour. I asked her if they were from start to start and if she had tried the bath or the shower yet. She hadn’t, but they were from start to start. Christina also told me that she didn’t think it could be labor because she didn’t feel the rushes all over, just down low. I told her to get in the bath and see if they stop. Then I got up to take a shower. I called her right back after the shower and she said the cramps were less intense, but still there and she still didn’t think that this could be it. So, I suggested the shower just to make sure and I ate a big breakfast incase it was a long labor, but I had a feeling it was going to be quick. After I at my breakfast I called Christina again. She told me she hated the shower and got right back in the bath. Rushes at this point were about 3 minutes apart. I suggested I come over, she really seemed to be going fast and I wanted to assess where she was in her labor in person. It is much easier to tell in person then over the phone. Christina was still worried at this point that I’d come over and it would be false labor. I told her we had an appointment to go over her birth plan anyway at 10 that morning and if it wasn’t labor, our appointment would just be done early.

After talking her into the fact that this might be real labor, I arrived at Christina’s house at 7:30. She was in the bath tub and rushes were about 2 minutes apart. Almost immediately after I got there, she was having back to back rushes and it was very hard for her to get comfortable. She was still thinking it could be false labor and I suggested we call BJ after about a 1/2 hour of no break from her rushes. Christina was still a little apprehensive, after-all, she wasn’t due for another week and how could her baby be early if she is late for everything? I reassured her that this was labor and she was moving along very nicely, in-fact quite rapidly and I called BJ to tell her we were close to coming. BJ said she was ready whenever we were. Not much later, she was ready to give up. She asked, can we just go to the hospital and have a c-section. That was more of a joke, but it showed where her labor was at. After about 10 more minutes and me telling Christina that she was very close to having this baby, we decided to go to the birth center.

Christina’s mom packed the bag and the car while I go Christina to slowly get out of the bath and ready to go. She was ready to get shoes on. She was on her hands and knees by her closet while her mom was getting shoes. Her mom pulled out a pair only to hear, “No, not those ones.” She pulled out another, Christina says, “No, not those ones.” Christina then grabbed one flip flop and asked for the other. Her mom kept pulling out pairs of shoes cause she couldn’t find the match only to be met with, “No, not those ones.” After about 5 pairs, I grabbed a pair and told Christina, “Here these will be fine.”

We finally got Christina in the car and to the birth center where she was back on her hands and knees ready to get in the tub. But she had to wait for BJ to check her. BJ arrived a couple of minutes later, checked Christina’s progress and discovered she was complete! That was amazing. Christina got back in the bath and her bag of water hadn’t broken yet, so it hurt to push. BJ suggested braking her bag of waters which would allow the baby to move past the pubic bone and Christina decided to go ahead with that. BJ broke Christina’s water during a push and a couple pushes later her little boy’s head was born. Because there was meconium present, BJ then suctioned him, then another push and he was born. Her beautiful little boy was born 7 lbs, 11 oz at 9:53 am. Christina’s labor was 6 and 1/2 hours. I got to attend the birth and be home in time to make it to the Wild Animal Park with my family.
One of my favorite things about this birth is Christina’s personality really carried through the whole labor. Women sometime wonder how they are going to be in labor and I think they know themselves best. How do they handle anything? I have noticed that however you handle any stress, pain or challenge is how you will handle labor. It’s all in how you prepare, how you view the situation and the support you have.