Home birth

Lacey's Birth

3 years ago today, I call my midwife because I had been in labor all night Saturday and Sunday night, contractions 10 minutes apart all night. Then it would go to 20 minutes during the day. It was Monday morning and I didn’t want to go another sleepless night. Jamie my wonderful midwife said to come on in and she would check my cervix to see what was going on. Craig decided the baby wasn’t coming so he went to work and my good friend Shawna decided to go with me just incase it was hard to drive with contractions. My labor wouldn’t really get going because I was afraid my midwife may not get there in time because with my first one she almost didn’t. (But that’s another story).

Shawna and I arrived at the birthing center around 9 am. While Jamie was checking my cervix, I dialated from 2 cm to 6 cm in her hands! I was in labor. She said she could follow me home or rap up around the birth center and be there around noon. I thought noon would be good because that was when Craig would get home for lunch. So Shawna decided to drive me home. She didn’t want big huge contractions while I was driving on the freeway. Smart girl.
We got back to my house while I layed on the couch to rest while I helped her sew a basket cover. I felt like I just couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t sit still for my contractions. I called Ronnette, my sister and Sarah my sister-in-law. They both decided to come over around noon also. So Shawna decided to stay with me. She wasn’t planning at being at the birth, but I am so glad she was available to stay.

I got in the bath around 11:45 because I just couldn’t get comfortable and everyone started to arrive. I got out of the bath and tried to take a walk with my husband, but it was too much at this point. Jamie was there and she checked me again. I was around 8 cm and she gave me an option of breaking my water or waiting. I eventually decided to have my water break, which I probably wouldn’t do again. My water was pretty tough and it probably would have stayed in tact. Anyway, I think about an hour later I had just a lip of cervix left. I changed positions for a couple of contractions and it was gone.

During that time, inbetween contractions, I had a quesadilla to eat, pretzels and I brushed my teeth. After each contraction I wanted something different. Very strong cravings.

It was around 1:30-1:45 Sarah finally arrived and I started pushing, Lacey was born at around 2:00 pm, February 4th, 2008. It’s been 3 years, so I don’t remember the exact time. She was 8 lbs, 3 oz, born happy and healthy at home, 2 days past her due date.