Planned birth

Birth is Beautiful

I was just talking to Jessica tonight and she was telling me how much she loved her birth experience and that she can’t stop talking about it. It was so wonderful to hear her say that! In our culture we are led to believe that the birthing process is a horrible experience and something to be feared. But that is SO not true. I think the birth of our children is something we should plan for. It’s like a wedding, it is such a huge and special day that you want it to be wonderful and as close to perfect as possible. Birth is just that, it is such an amazing and special thing to experience your children enter this world and to meet them for the first time. Your birth is something that should take planning. Part of that planning is researching all of your options and knowing what is best for you and your family.

As a doula, I am so blessed that people welcome me into such wonderful and joyous time. I grow with each birth I attend and I am completely in awe of the miracle that it is. I love to see the strength and courage women have. I also love to see how incredibly different each labor and birth is. It is, again, just like a wedding. Yes, there are some basics that go across the board, but every birth is truly unique and reflective of the people involved.IMG00199