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Completely Natural Hospital Birth

As Doulas, we never want to miss a birth of a client that we have spent time getting to know. The doula-client relationship goes both ways, in the interview the parents are deciding if they connect with the doula and the doula must feel the same. So, for us to miss a birth it can be very dissapointing. With that being said, I got to be at a birth where I was a back up for a very wonderful couple.

Holly and Wes planned to have a natural birth at Hoag Hospital with Dr. Diaz. I talked to their doula Melissa over the phone and told her I've been to Hoag and I have actually worked with Dr. Diaz. Also, in talking it became clear that we were both Christians and that the couple would love to have a will be very happy to have their back up be Christian as well. Anyway, Melissa's whole family was getting sick with the flu, she was so dissapointed to be missing the birth of Holly and Wes. They actually first met when Holly was just 7 weeks along. On my end, I was very exciting to go to a birth after taking the summer off for vacations and birthdays.

I woke early Thursday, September 22 to a text from Melissa telling me that I am needed. This was at 6:33 am. Holly woke up at 4:30 with contractions at 5 minutes apart. I called Holly to introduce myself and get a feel for what was going on. I needed to take a shower and she sounded like she might be getting close to going to the hospital and talked a bit about the pain, so I suggested the bath for pain and to hold her off a bit. I needed a shower and breakfast before I left.

I arrived at Holly's about 8 am to her and Wes outside working through contractions. Wes had just packed their car for the hospital because their doctor told them they should come in. I suggested wait till I get there. We went in their home to work on a few contractions to see how Holly was doing. I told them that she definately wasn't in transition and it would be a good idea to stay home a little longer. So, we stayed till Holly was ready to go. Her contractions were 3 minutes apart, she labored with the rebozo inbetween and on the ball. Holly was eating and drinking well. Wes was a wonderful support for her, he was there for everything and did constant massage during the contractions.

At 9 am we left for the hospital. Melissa was concerned that she wasn't bleeding yet, but Holly was ready to go. I had texted Melissa that I thought she was at about 5 cm. We arrived about 9:30 and Holly was 4-5 cm. The nurse that was in triage with us was not very friendly or receptive of a birth plan at all. So, we limited interaction with her and started walking the halls. Holly was great at walking fast and Wes was right there at her side to hold her up for her contractions. We would walk, Wes would hold her and massage while I did pressure with the tennis balls, after each contraction Holly was great about drinking coconut water or vitamin B water after every contraction.

Holly was reassigned nurses and after our walk we met her. She was awesome! She read the birth plan and instead of asking Holly if she wanted pain meds, because they do have to make it known that they are available, she said, "I won't ask you if you want any pain medication, I will just assume you will ask me if you want it." Heidi was our nurse and right off the bat she was very positive. She loved natural births and described herself as being very holistic. Heidi seemed like she just wanted to hang around and be part of the labor, but she didn't want to intrude too much. She was great! Wes and Holly were very relieved that we got this new nurse.

Heidi checked Holly after our walk and she was 6-7 cm and 100% effaced. That was very encouraging, we thought she was going to finish very quickly. At 12:30 Holly got monitored for the 3rd time since we got there. It was nice, they weren't very rigid on how often she was being monitored. Lying in the bed made it more difficult for Holly to relax through the contractions, so she sat in the bed for the monitoring.

Holly spent the rest of her laboring in the room, walking, squating, sitting on the ball, drinking eating and going to the bathroom. It was very difficult for Holly to empty her bladder, so she slowed way down on drinking. Finally, I got her to go with Wes and she emptied a ton, so the drinking picked up again. Holly was just so peaceful during her labor, she knew what had to be done and did it. When the contractions got really intense with more pressure, she prayed for strenght and support. Wes was right there by her side praying with her. It seemed like they had no worries all throughout the labor, they knew God had a plan and everything would work out. It was really beautiful.

A little before 2 pm, Holly was at 8 cm. Her membranes were still intact and there was a buldge under the baby's head. This was keeping the head up a little higher. By 3 she was 9 cm. She labored with a lot of pressure and intense contractions since 2. At 3:30 she was still at 9 cm with the bag intact. Holly was really tiring out now. She was resting well between contractions, but she had such short breaks. At 4:12 the doctor came back and broke her water. Finally at 5:28 she was complete. She pushed through a lip of cervix and got to continue pushing. Holly was exhausted but pushed with such strenght. She was at 9 cm for 2.5 hours! That was very exhausting. We could tell, Wes would have taken these contractions for her if he could. After pushing for 2 hours and 10 minutes, Dezmond Matthias Kasper was born 8 lbs 5 oz at 7:38 pm, September 22, 2011 with no interventions to him or his mommy. Dezmond was born with his cubby little hand up by his chin and a big head. That makes it very hard to push! It was so perfect. Dezmond hadn't even left his mommy by the time I left the hospital.