My sister was 38 weeks with her second pregnancy. Shannon had her first a month early probably because of excess of fluid (polyhydramnios). When there is polyhydramnios, the membranes can rupture early and that is what happened with her first, her son. This time around they caught the polyhydramnios but could not find any reasons why. The biggest risk to her was her water breaking too soon. So she was very excited to make it to 38 weeks. She was also very uncomfortable. She had so much extra fluid all over her body, not just her amniotic fluid. So she was very ready to have her little girl and be done with the pregnancy.

Shannon was 38 weeks when her water broke at 11 pm, May 14th. She was a little panicy because the nurses and doctor had told her about a prolapse cord. Yes, it is possible for there to be a prolapse cord, but that goes for anybody when their water breaks, I told her to lye down on her side for 20 minutes. Then wait for contractions to start. Shannon was very concerned so she decided to go to the hospital right away. She thought her labor would go very fast. When we got there, the baby was still very high. It was just the fore-water that broke. The nurse checked her about 12:30 after she checked in and her cervix was pretty high so it felt like she was 3 cm and 80% effaced. Still not really many contractions. Some at 10 minutes, some at 20 minutes. She was handling the contractions very well and when the nursed checked her again about an hour later, she was 5 centimeters. A good guess would have been that she was 5 at arrival but the other nurse couldn’t quite feel. Shannon did have a couple of big contractions that she handled great and she was so amazed at how great she felt in-between contractions. But, she was so afraid that it would get worse or she would miss her opportunity to get the epidural. So, as soon as her blood work was back she was able to get the epidural, that was at 3:09 am, May 15th.
The baby was still ballotable (floating) and she was still at 5 cm, but 90% effaced. The doctor didn’t want to give her pitocin right away because the baby was still too high. He wanted her head to be engaged so there was no risk of prolapse cord. He came in and did a cervical check and broke the rest of the membranes and that immediately engaged the Kinslee’s head. So, at 6:30 am they started the pitocin drip. At 8:30 contractions started, but her blood pressure kept dropping and she felt like faint. After fluids were not working to fix this, she drank some juice and had some crackers. (We had awesome nurses!) The nurse was ok with it, but didn’t want to tell us it was ok. This particular nurse wants to be a midwife eventually. She has been working as a labor and delivery nurse for 3 years now and has yet to see a natural birth. Hopefully she will see one soon. Anyway, the juice and crackers made a HUGE difference. She felt so much better. Her blood pressure went back up and she was great. The only thing Shannon didn’t like was that this epidural was so much stronger or affected her so much more then the first time. She had absolutely no feeling from her toes to just under her chest. She didn’t like it to be that numb.

After some napping and talking the nurse did a cervical check and Shannon was complete! It was time for some work. She was so excited. She labored down for only about a half hour then at 11:59 she did a couple test pushes. They worked great so she continued pushing. I was telling Shannon where Kinslee was for each push and telling her about her hair to motivate her. Then one contraction when the nurse took her gloves off to let her just push on her own, I saw Kinslee moving a little for the first push, so I told her, “Oh, she moved out a little.” Then she took a breath and pushed again, I told her, “That’s perfect, that was a good one she moved a lot, one more.” So she took another breath for the final push. I got so excited and said, “Yes, that’s it! She’s crowning! She’s almost here!” Shannon stopped pushing and after about a second, Kinslee popped literally back in. So the nurse didn’t want her to push till she can get her gloves in and be ready. Shannon pushed with the next contraction and Kinslee crowned! The nurse called the doctor and made Shannon wait and not push till he got there. When he got there she pushed Kinslee’s head out, the doctor did the suctioning then and then she was out after that at 12:40 only 41 minutes of pushing. I love it when the doc suctions with just the head born. It’s so much more better for the baby that way.

After Kinslee was born They left her skin to skin for about 30 minutes. Kinslee kept sticking out her tong. It was so cute and funny! Then the baby nurse took her to check her out and weigh her. She was 7 lbs, 15.9 oz. Basically, 8 lbs. Kinslee went right back to mommy and started to nurse. She latched on beautifully the first time and got so mad when she was taken off the breast.
Kinslee Noel Kelly was born at 12:40 Sunday morning, May 15th. She was 8 lbs and nursing well. Her apgars were 8 at both checks.