Here are some reasons why you would want a doula even if you plan to have an epidural:

First, before an epidural, your chances of having the birth you want with the least amount of interventions as possible are increased if you wait as long as possible to have an epidural. A doula can help you to labor longer and manage the pain longer before you decide it’s time for the epidural.

When a woman has an epidural, she usually experiences no pain, but can still be worried about how the baby is doing, how long will labor take, will the epidural wear off and what are the side effects to her and her baby. She may also worry about her
partner, is he bored. Also because of the epidural she doesn’t notice her contractions. All these things can bring about stress, which affects the hormones that are released during labor, which then affects her labor progression. For this, the doula can help ease her stress and keep her well informed with what is going on and how things are going by explaining everything that is happening. With an epidural, a mother will need other medical interventions so the doula can explain these procedures to her as well.

Even with an epidural, the mother is still affected by the atmosphere in the room. The doula notices smells, sites, sounds and temperature. She is attuned to the mothers mood and can care for her needs, does she need a blanket, water, or a position change. If a position change is needed because labor is not progressing, the doula can provide the physical help to get the mom into the new position.

Later during pushing, the mother doesn’t feel the urge to push and the doula will be right there with her guiding her through it, helping her move the baby down and out. Also, some women only receive partial pain relief, the doula can help her to cope with this.

After the baby is born, the doula still has the same role of making sure the mother’s needs are met. While everyone else is concerned with the baby, the mother may feel a little alone or not quite understand everything. The doula is still explaining everything that is going on and she will still help with breast-feeding after the baby is born as needed.

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