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Kristen Mortensen, Doula
Herbs to
Avoid During Pregnancy

Remember, before you take anything, supplements, herbs or teas, check with your doctor or midwife. Using herbs in cooking is usually safe because of the small amounts used. Many herbs can harm the mother and growing baby inside of her. Following is a list of herbs that should not be taken during pregnancy many while breastfeeding as well.

Aloe Vera - natural laxative
Arbor Viae - a menstrual and uterine stimulant
Autumn Crocus - can lead to birth defects
Barberry, Basil Oil, Beth Root, Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh - uterine stimulants, can be used safely during labor - check with your care provider
Blood Root - a uterine stimulant that can also lead to vomiting
Broom and Cotton Root - causes uterine contractions
Bugleweed - adversely affects hormone production
Clove Oil - a uterine stimulant, can be used in labor - check with your care provider
Comfrey - contains toxic chemicals that can affect the placenta
Cumin Seed - premature labor, miscarrage or cramping
Devil’s Claw - uterine stimulant
Dong Quai - Uterine and menstrual stimulant
False Unicorn Root - stimulates hormones
Feverfew - may cause premature contractions
Golden Seal, Greater Celndine, Juniper and Lady’s Mantle - uterine stimulants, can be used in labor - check with care provider
Juniper and Juniper Oil - uterine stimulant
Licorice - can cause high blood pressure
Life Root and Mistletoe - uterine stimulants with toxic chemicals that can cross the placenta
Mugwort - a uterine stimulant that can cause birth defects. Also avoid during breastfeeding
Pennyroyal and European Pennyroyal - Strong uterine stimulant
Peruvian Bark - Toxic, may cause blindness and coma
Pokeroot and Pseudoginseng - may cause birth defects
Palsatilla - menstrual stimulant, do not use while breast feeding
Rue - uterine and menstrual stimulant
Sassafras, Squill, Tansy, Wild Yam, Southernwood and Wormwood - uterine stimulants, may cause birth defects
Shepherd’s Purse - uterine stimulant

Other’s to avoid:
American Hellebors
Apricot Kernels
Buckthorn / Cascara Sagrada
Castor Bean
Jamaica Dogwood
Jimson Weed
Karil Root
Poison Nut
Skunk Cabbage

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