Thank you so much for providing my husband and I the confidence we needed to try an all-natural birth.  As you know, I was unhappy with my current doctor when I called you and you spent a long time talking with me over the phone.  I felt comfort from our conversation and decided to take your recommendation to switch to midwives. I decided to deliver at Beach Cities Midwifery and I am glad I did! The staff, especially B.J., was welcoming and informative.

The labor and birth was the most amazing experience of my entire life.  What a magical day! Our conversations in between the contractions kept me going and kept me calm. I am so grateful that I could experience most of my labor at home.

Thank you again for stopping by a handful of times after the birth.  It was nice to know that we had support, especially for breastfeeding.  I am happy to say that Amelia is 6 months old now and has been exclusively breastfed up until last week.

I would recommend you to any of my friends who are interested in having a doula.  Amelia is our first child and we would love to have your support with any future children that we have. - Nicole

Birthed at Beach Cities Midwifery in Laguna Hills

"Kristen started by asking what we wanted or envisioned in a birth... She wasn't pushy but supportive. She gave us info but didn't overwhelm us. It was an extremely personal experience. We actually only met a couple times in person before our delivery because we hired her so late in the game. But she read me like a book during labor and delivery. She helped stand up for the things we wanted in the hospitral and did it with such grace so as not to cause any tension with hospital staff. My hubby said she was worth every penny and more! She helped me but also really helped him feel more capable and helpful. After our baby girl was born she helped to get her latched. She kept checking on us and helped me through the first few weeks of sleeplessness, latching, engorgement, etc. She even came to our baby girls first birthday party. Of course she gets paid, but it's not about the money, she really has a passion for this stuff. - Tanya
Birthed at Hoag in Newport Beach

"I would suggest anyone utilize the gift that you have to assist couples with birthing their babies :) From beginning to end, Kristen provided us with excellent care and attention. She was a resource for vital information regarding every aspect of the type of birth that we had hoped to achieve by hiring her. Kristen met with us before the birth, coached us every step of the way and was available any time to answer questions we had all the way up to our big day. When the day arrived, she held us together! She was available and very loyal to do what we needed her to do. We know that we would not have achieved the amazing birth experience we ended up having had Kristen not been by our side that night. We will definitely be calling her again when baby number two is on their way! Thank you Kristen for everything you did for us. Sincerely, Amanda and Alan Hobbs"
Birthed at Los Alamitos

“Kristen, Thank you so much for being my doula. You were a huge help before, during and after my labor. Thanks to your help, I was able to have the natural birth that I wanted. Thank you!
Birthed at Hoag in Newport Beach

“Dear Kristen,
Thank you so much for being my doula? I appreciate your sensitive spirit and encouragement so much!
-Deanna and Silas”
Birthed at Beach Cities Midwifery in Laguna Hills

Thank you so much for all your help, before, during and especially after my birth. I don’t know how we would have done it without you.
Deepest thanks,
Gigi, Christina and Baby Joseph”
Birthed at Beach Cities Midwifery in Laguna Hills

Sean Mackay July 26 at 8:50pm
Kristen Mortensen was the best possible doula my wife Jessica and I could have ever imagined having. Her knowledge, assistance, reassurance, and positive energy absolutely benefited our son's birth.

Since this was our first baby, Kristen was surrounded by a higher sense of urgency and a little bit of stress with our family. She was naturally happy, energetic, and brought calm to all of us. She provided excellent guidance while being hands-on when/where appropriate.

Once we made it to the hospital, Kristen made great suggestions that we followed to the letter with great success. Getting into the shower during the end of 1st stage helped Jess bear the pressure of the rushes and getting us to do squats while walking around was very helpful.

She remained educated and influential throughout the interactions with the nurses and doctors, advocating for us based on our birth plan that she helped us create.

At one point the nurse suggested we use Petocin to speed up the contractions - we flat out disagreed with her. Kristen was right on top of the situation and suggested I naturally stimulate the contractions with nipple stimulation. Within 10 minutes, the contractions went sky-rocketing up as we entered the tail end of the birth.

At the end of the day, I would enthusiastically recommend Kristen to be your doula 100 times out of 100. She is educated, passionate, supportive, reassuring, and provides a calming presence from start to finish.

If you can get Kristen in your corner for the birth of your son or daughter, you should.


Sean Mackay

Birthed at St. Jude, Fullerton