Today our induction rate is 22%. That is 1 in 5 women are getting induced. The World Health Organization says our rate should be at 10%. Why are we failing in this area? Why are we putting our women at risk? I have created a page just on induction because so few parents know the risks. Doctors offer induction when the mother nears 40 week for no reason other then mom is uncomfortable. Or doctors say they need to induce at 41 weeks. The thing is, these doctors fail to explain all the risks.

I will give you some facts along with some links that have tons of sound scientific evidence to back it up.

1. First time moms being induced double the risk of a cesarean.
2. Risk of complications increases including but not limited to, newborn jaundice, maternal fever/infection, low birth weight.
3. Induction can cause Uterine over-stimulation, which can cause a uterine rupture
4. Increased likelihood of fetal distress

Here is the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practice #1:
Hazards and risks of inducing labor

Here is the
CIMS Problems and Hazards of Labor CIMS stands for Coalition for Improving Maternity Services

Here is what you can do if you are 40 weeks and facing induction:

1. Tell your doctor you will not schedule an induction unless there is a sound medical reason to. Your baby might be big is NOT a reason to induce.
2. Tell your doctor, you will gladly have an ultrasound to check your fluid levels and the placenta.
2. Tell your doctor, you will gladly do a non-stress test to see how your baby is doing.
3. Print and bring the above links to your doctor.

The following are true medical reasons to induce labor:
-Your water has broken and labor has not begun AND you test positive for Group B Strep
-You have high blood pressure
-true intrauterine growth restriction
-kidney disease

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